The GOSA Mandate

10 July 2017

GOSA has a direct mandate from it's members. We keep it clear and simple so that we focus on what is important to protecting your rights;

1. Ensure the transparent and even application of the Firearms Control Act

2. Monitor CFR and lobby the authorities to ensure that they keep to their deliverables

3. We lobby members of Parliment and interest groups continually to grow our support base

4. We deliver rational and impassioned argument with a sound legal basis to national government in the interest of protecting the rights of firearm owners

5. We provide clear interpretation of the FCA and related acts as and when required

6. We are prepared to challenge injustice in court when required to protect the firearms rights of our members

7. To actively grow the membership of GOSA 

8. To constantly enhance the public image and perception of firearm owners

9. To challenge inaccurate and misleading reporting in the media on firearms related matters

10. To be YOUR voice for firearm rights

To achieve the above, we need a number of different elements. We need an Exco that drives our projects and daily activities. We require a strong membership - we are and always will be only as strong as our member count - the numbers are vital if we are to be taken seriously at the level of national representation. Finally - we need funding. Your GOSA annual subs go directly towards keeping the wheels on the go. It's imperative that we build a suitable war chest so that we can continue the fight for our rights. 

If you aren't yet a GOSA member, PLEASE - take a moment to sign up online now. The process is quick and rates are highly affordable - less than 100 rounds of ammo a year to protect your rights!

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Our mandate is clear:

Ensure that the CFR sticks to it's mandate
Transparency in firearms legislation
Equal treatment before the law 
Reasonable and Rational Licencing requirements

GOSA - We fight for YOU

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