Membership Drive 2016

09 January 2015

We're on the trail for new members. A mammoth task still lies ahead of us in achieving a war chest with which we can fund and fight amendments to the FCA that affect your rights. Here's what we need

 It's time to make a choice. Stand up and be counted by having a reasonable, rational and passionate voice for your firearms rights - or just roll over and accept whatever ridiculous amendments the Government chooses to make. E-Tolls and OUTA have shown South Africa that change is possible, that sensible challenges to ridiculous rules is what it's all about. We do after all still live in a democracy and have the right to ensure that laws are transparent in their design, enforceable and above all evenly applied. 

GOSA is your tool to ensure that your firearm rights are protected. Just look at the track record of what we've achieved and you'll quickly understand why this organisation is so necessary. We need your membership, every R100 counts and every R500 helps. Combined we can oblige the CFR to uphold their mandate and do so in a reasonable manner. Individually it's just impossible. 

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GOSA Administrator/ Web Dev team. We're passionate volunteers who want to see GOSA grow and flourish to protect our rights

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Our mandate is clear:

Ensure that the CFR sticks to it's mandate
Transparency in firearms legislation
Equal treatment before the law 
Reasonable and Rational Licencing requirements

GOSA - We fight for YOU

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