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Images courtesy of Oleg Volk
Images courtesy of Oleg Volk

   "The fact is that the average man's love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty – and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies." –- H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun, Feb. 12, 1923   

"Most men do not desire liberty; most only wish for a master that doesn't beat them." -- Sallust 86-34BC.


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News Archive

N 30 November 2012: Government Gazette 35928 sets 1 December 2012 as the commencement date for the Prohibition or Restriction of certain Conventional Weapons Act, 2008 (Act No. 18 of 2008).

30 November 2012: JASA lose their case in the Supreme Court of Appeal. Here's the judgement and the media summary.

12 July 2012: They're at it again. An Amendment Bill which (amongst other things) proposes that all firearms in the country be ballistically tested (fired and the bullet and case kept on record) in an eighteen month time frame.

Good luck with that.

But then again, by now it should be clear that chaos is what they want.

19 June 2012: A police task team set up to investigate "blue light" hijacking syndicates with deep roots in the SAPS has been shut down - only days before it was due to make several big raids.

26 April 2012: Someone is making money at taxpayers' expense -- "Sources close to the investigation say that nearly 100 000 bullets for handguns, R-5 semi-automatic assault rifles and shotguns were stolen from a police training facility in Soweto last year.

The theft follows the alleged sale of 88 000 rounds of R-5 ammunition from the Benoni training facility."

18 March 2012: [On Government] Day after day after day, our minds slip out of their control. Our parents, our grandparents, respected government. They believed the propaganda about it being Our Wise Protector. They Obeyed. We increasingly see government for exactly what it is.

-- Claire Wolfe.

16 March 2012: Some CFR contact numbers from GunSite.

1 March 2012: The Firearm Control Regulations were amended by Government Gazette No. 35047 of 17 February 2012. Collectors must use one of the prescribed methods to temporarily deactivate Restricted Firearm (semi-automatic rifles and shotguns) and Prohibited Firearms (machine guns) when storing these.

  1. removal of the bolt carrier or bolt and storage of the bolt carrier or bolt in a separate locked part of a safe contemplated in subregulation (1); or
  2. removal of the firing pin and insertion of a suitable chamber block to prevent the immediate loading of a cartridge; or
  3. fitting of a steel trigger lock and insertion of a suitable chamber block to prevent the immediate loading of a cartridge; or
  4. fitting of a suitable lockable chamber and barrel block comprising a length of steel cable or rod not less than 4 millimetre in diameter. which is passed through the barrel and which is welded or crimped to a brass or steel chamber block on one end and a brass or steel bush on the muzzle end which can be locked by a suitable locking device; or
  5. any mechanism which serves the same purpose as paragraph (d) and which is approved by the Registrar; or
  6. a secure locking device which additionally ensures that no cartridge can be loaded into or discharged from that firearm.

It seems that these Regulations apply only to Collectors, not to Dedicated Sport Shooters or to self-defence firearms.

13 February 2012: Firearms Registry in operational disarray -- DA Press Release.

9 January 2012

You, you who hate guns, you gave me nothing.
No hope.
No tools.
All that was offered me was a life of fear, of resentment, of bitterness, of dependance...
The gun community has offered me hope and strength, and courage.
They have taught me to have belief in myself. -- A Girl and Her Gun.

28 November 2011: From Lieutenant Colonel JM Hansen : There are currently thousands of licence cards at the police stations in the Western Cape that need to be collected.

Can you please request your members to fetch their licence cards at the relevant police stations? The local Designated Firearm Officer at the stations can be contacted.

If you're waiting for a licence (new or renewal), please contact your DFO and ask.

12 October 2011: From Joel comes this

"I began to sense faintly that secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny.
 Not force, but secrecy ... censorship.  When any government - or any
 church, for that matter - undertakes to say to its subjects, "This
 you may not read, this you may not see, this you are forbidden to
 know," the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy
 the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose
 mind has been hoodwinked; Contrariwise, no amount of force can control
 a free man, a man whose mind is free.  No, not the rack, not fission
 bombs, not anything - you can't conquer a free man; the most you can
 do is kill him."
- Robert A. Heinlein, "If This Goes On ---"

5 September 2011: The draft Dangerous Weapons Bill.

30 August 2011: Michael Trapido on the Mukwevho judgement.

13 June 2011: SAPS Media Statement "Engaging through courts will not benefit anybody".

Meanwhile, in the past week a number of people contacted us telling us that their licence application was denied and asking for advice. All of them received a version of the stock set of reasons:

  • You failed to provide any substantive and or adequate reasons in order to proof that a need exist to possess the particular firearm and that the need cannot be satisfied by any other means than possessing the said firearm.
  • You failed to provide any supplementary documentation in support of your motivation.
  • You failed to convince the Registrar that there exist circumstances or reasons that necessitate the possession of the firearm.
Die Burger has also picked up on the large number of refusals. Refusal seems the easy way to clear the backlog.

Frankly, the legal system is the only method that works, and the CFR is the thing not benefitting anybody.

20 April 2011: The report on the Enquiry into the Functioning of the Central Firearm Registry and the Implementation of Related Aspects of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 makes interesting reading.

19 April 2011: 4 Months... then you should get your gun, according to the linked (IOL) article. In reality, the Pretoria High Court has ruled that SAPS must respond to competency applications in four months. Now to see whether they're planning to obey this court order or not.

15 April 2011: "[...]expecting congress to save money is like expecting crack whores to save crack." -- Larry Correia.

14 April 2011: Dana Snyman hands his father's guns in for destruction.

4 April 2011: The task team who is supposed to be fixing the problems with the Firearms Control Act have decided that amending the Act (again) is the answer. At this stage the draft doesn't seem to fix anything substantial, and turns the Act into even more of a dog's breakfast than before.

18 March 2011:

The Constitutional Court ruled that the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation — known as the Hawks, which replaced the Scorpions — was not independent as required by international law and the constitution.

Does this not also imply that the Firearms Appeal Board should be independent of the Firearms Control Register?

9 March 2011: 82 000 here and 20 429 there and pretty soon you're talking real poor discipline and carelessness.

2 March 2011: GunSite is initiating a Class Action lawsuit to force the Firearm Control Registry to handle applications in a reasonable time. Please download the flyer, print and distribute it widely. Then go to GunSite and pledge some money towards the cause.

1 March 2011: 82 000 SANDF weapons 'missing'.

14 February 2011: Applications are hereby invited from interested persons meeting the qualification requirements for consideration as: 5 Members of the Firearms Appeal Board Pretoria.

7 February 2011: Is your life worth your life?

28 January 2011: On this date in 1838, Piet Retief went to negotiate with a rather untrustworthy fellow called Dingane (or Dingaan) about land. On February 6th, after signing a treaty, Piet Retief and about a hundred others entered South Africa's first gun free zone.

11 January 2011: Make sure you keep your receipt if you hand your gun in. If if goes missing, along with the paperwork, you might end up in deep trouble.

7 January 2011: Although cap and ball (black powder) revolvers are regarded as firearms from 10 January 2011, and would be required to be licenced in terms of the Act, no police action must be taken against any person for the possession of a cap and ball revolver. So says National Commissioner of the SAPS BC Mgwenya.

7 January 2011: Register antique guns, or else…

Confusion reigns, SAPS depends on "goodwill". And what about people who have cap & ball revolvers? Some of them had licences under the Arms & Ammunition Act, those licences were cancelled by SAPS under the FCA 2000... now they have to relicence. But there's no procedure. Can they? Do they want to? Are they going to? Who knows? What a mess.

23 December 2010: You can get a licence in less than two months!

21 December 2010: Neil Jones with Stephen Grootes on CapeTalk / 702: MP3 podcast.

17 December 2010: Amended Regulations: Application for Competency Renewal published in GG 33875.

14 December 2010: Press Release from SAPS Minister Mthethwa regarding renewal of competency.

28 November 2010: As expected, firearms handed in for destruction are showing up in interesting places.

Not everyone can afford a dog

Oleg says it best, as always.

2 November 2010: Remarks by Minister of Police, E N Mthethwa, MP to the National Press Club on the current challenges affecting the South African Police Service firearms application and licensing processes, Sheraton Hotel, Pretoria.

These are undoubtedly the stongest words you have heard coming from government against the Central Firearm Registry.

  • Urgent management changes at CFR
The current management neither recognised the seriousness of the problems nor has shown readiness to adapt its structures and procedures to address the challenges. In this context it will not be possible for SAPS to embark on any turnaround strategy under the current management. We shall therefore effect changes.

In effecting this change, we are cognizant that this management has vast knowledge of the FCA; unfortunately this knowledge is centralised in a few individuals and does not necessarily contribute to the effective management of the FCA.

Seems like Brigadier Bothma might finally be out of the CFR.

1 November 2010: Enquiry into the functioning of the Central Firearms Registry in the South African Police Service: Meeting between the Civilian Secretariat for Polics and Firearm Industry Stakeholders.

GOSA Executive members Brett Nortje and Paul Oxley attended this meeting in Pretoria. GOSA Press Release.

6 July 2010: GOSA submission to the enquiry.

5 July 2010: Inquiry into functioning of Central Firearm Registry

GOSA Press Release.

26 June 2010: Enquiry into the functioning of the Central Firearms Registry in the South African Police Service: Request for Submissions

Received Friday 2010-06-25
Submissions requested by Wednesday 2010-06-30

The fact that they're admitting there might be something wrong is HUGE, people!

31 May 2010 is the date set for the next hearing in the Cape High Court. Judge Vincent Saldanha has been assigned to the case. The courtroom will be assigned on Monday.

On 31 August 2009, Deputy Judge President Traverso gave the State 90 days to produce a plan setting out how they plan to pay compensation for approximately a million firearms surrendered to the SAPS.

In November, SAPS countered with a document insulting to gunowners.

JASA is back in court on Monday, 31st of May 2010.

Please attend if you can.

ADEN THOMAS 14 April 2010 7:25 AM : Illegal gun owners - who fits the bill?

For clarity's sake, licenced firearm owners had between 2005 and 2009 to renew their existing firearm licences. That period has come and gone and now more renewals will be contemplated. However, due to a court case pending, older licences are deemed to be valid at this moment and as yet, those who did not renew, are not yet considered illegal firearm owners. The latest gun amnesty period that ended on Sunday was aimed at those who were in possession of illegally obtained firearms, for them to hand them in voluntarily without fear of prosecution UNLESS the gun was used in a crime. If you do know of anyone who is in possession of a firearm illegally, you are urged to send an anonymous, detailed SMS to Crimeline on 32211.

Guest: Phuti Setati, Brigadier
Organisation: SAPS
Position: Spokesperson

ADEN THOMAS 13 April 2010 6:55 AM : Gun Amnesty deadline has come and gone

Anonymous tip-off hotline, Crime Line, appealed to the public on Sunday to "blow the whistle" on the use and trade of illegal firearms as the gun amnesty deadline expires. As the 2010 firearms amnesty has come to an end, many gun owners are seeking advice after receiving mixed messages from the police and gun dealers, the SA Gunowners' Association (Saga) said on Thursday. Spokesperson Martin Hood said the police ministry was acting in bad faith by saying the amnesty period, which ends on April 11, must be used to update old firearm licences. "By presenting the amnesty as an opportunity for firearm owners to surrender their licensed firearms and any right they have to compensation, the minister is misleading the public in an opportunistic attempt to serve political objectives. The best course for those with old green card licences is to sit tight and do nothing at this stage. If you so wish, you may of course apply for new licences to replace your old ones. Either way, there are no guarantees," Hood said. He said the January 11 to April 11, 2010, amnesty declared by Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa, applies only to unlicensed firearms and not to firearms for which valid green cards or new licences are held. Hood said the ministry was using every possible opportunity to pass off the amnesty as an opportunity for those who did not apply previously to renew their "old" licences within the set deadlines.

Guest: Martin Hood
Organisation: SA Gun Owners Association
Position: Spokesperson and Legal Advisor

31 March 2010 : SAJWV Persverklaring / SAHGCA Press Release.

We also have the SABC News audio, thanks to Peter Moss.

29 March 2010 was the date for the SA Hunters' court case.

They've been very quiet about it. All that we know is that they've apparently entered into negotiations with the SAPS.

You might want to contact them if you think this is a bad idea.

25 March 2010 : Relicencing deadline

If you missed the four year relicencing period, and you still want to relicence, SAPS is using the Amnesty on unlicenced firearms to also extend the relicencing period.

Note that your old "green" licence is still valid and remains valid until the outcome of the Hunters' court case. One likely outcome of the court case is that the green licence will remain valid for life, since it was issued for life.

Here is the re-licencing procedure, courtesy of Cape SAAACA.

Don't hand in any licenced firearms because of the Amnesty! You can legally hand in a licenced firearm at any time, you don't have to do it before April 11!

4 March 2010 : Young & Rubicam appointed by GFSA

Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) has appointed Y&R Cape Town as its strategic communications partner. The first project is a mix of ambient marketing and tactical digital work to advertise the current gun amnesty.

Natalie Jaynes, Western Cape Regional Director of GFSA said: "We are confident that the Y&R team shares our vision of a gun free society and we are very excited about how this partnership will extend the reach and impact of our message."

Y&R Cape Town MD, Alan Schreiber, commented:"the renewed passion behind GFSA encouraged the agency to become more involved by using creativity to help make South Africa a safer and more secure place."

If you're a Y&R client, this is a perfect opportunity for education-by-cancellation. Be nice, tell them how you feel, give them a chance to reconsider their position.

26 February 2010 : What happened in 2005?

From Under the gun: An assessment of firearm crime and violence in South Africa by Guy Lamb, ISS (html, doc).

And just yesterday, the minister announced that Police officers losing their firearms will be held accountable and punished according to newly implemented measures.

Yes, the police have been losing thousands of guns a year since 2005, while calling licenced firearm owners irresponsible, and only now do we see a glimmer of accountability?

Better late than never, but let it be known that the law-abiding gun owners hold the moral upper ground here.

13 January 2010

From Kevin at The Smallest Minority:

When the representative of government tells you to do nothing when a criminal wants something, government is telling you that the action of the criminal is authorized and supported by the government. -- Windy Wilson in a comment to the post From the Place Where Great Britain Used to Be at Irons in the Fire

11 January, 2010 : Amnesty

The Minister of Police has by means of a publication in the Government Gazette, declared an Amnesty for a period of 90 (ninety) days commencing from 11 January 2010 and ending on 11 April 2010.

The main purpose of the Amnesty is to allows someone who is in unlawful possession of firearms or ammunition to hand these in without being prosecuted for illegal possession. GOSA therefore calls on all criminals to please hand in their guns before 11 April.

Firearm owners who missed the relicencing period will also be allowed to apply for relicencing during this period. Since the old "green" licences remain valid pending the outcome of the SA Hunters court case, you will be allowed to keep your firearm while the renewal is being processed.

16 December, 2009 : Reconciliation Day

Today, we commemorate a day in South African history which was the eventual outcome of the first gun free zone declared in this country.

On 6 February 1838 Piet Retief visited Dingaan for a celebration, having signed a treaty granting the Boer settlers (Voortrekkers) land, and having recovered some of Dingaan's stolen cattle.

Dingaan asked the Voortrekkers to leave their guns outside the kraal. He then killed them all.

Andries Pretorius went to avenge the deaths of Piet Retief, his men, and their women and children. On 16 December 1938 his party of less than 500 men were attacked by ten to twelve thousand Zulus. The resulting battle left 3 000 of the Zulus dead, with only one injury on the Voortrekker side. This victory is ascribed by many to the Covenant the Voortrekkers made with God.

December 16 was called Dingaan's day and later the Day of the Vow or the Day of the Covenant, and it is now Reconciliation Day. We should all work towards reconciliation in this country. But we should also vow to never make the same mistake Piet Retief made.

10 November, 2009 : Compensation Guidelines

Back in August, Acting Judge President Traverso told the SAPS to get their act together and compile the compensation guidelines as required by section 137 their own Firearms Control Act.

This publication (pdf) seems to be intended to fulfill the SAPS' obligation, but it falls far short from what is required.

  • Only the title mentions section 137. The body indicates that this document actually addresses section 149.
  • Section 137 covers firearms that are surrendered to the SAPS by the lawful owner. This is further covered by section 94 of the Regulations. Yet this document states that these guidelines don't apply to firearms handed in in accordance with section 94, i.e., legally.
  • R600 for a pistol and R1200 for a rifle? This is about a tenth of what is required here.
This document is an insult to firearm owners and to Acting Judge President Traverso.

Oleg Volk sums it up perfectly.

26 October, 2009 : GOSA member Paul Oxley on TV three times

Paul Oxley appeared on e-TV Sunrise (download video, or audio only), E-News (Channel 403) (download video, or audio only), and then on Jeremy Maggs' show with Pam Crowley of GFSA (download video, or audio only). Thanks to Martin Hedington for obtaining the footage and to Peter Moss for extracting the audio.

30 September, 2009 : Registration, the big lie.

The state must provide the infrastructure to control crime and ensure that crime is punished. The state must not interfere with citizens rights to defend themselves with limitation unless for very good reason. Thus, a “partnership” is reached between the people and State that can last only as long as each understands the role they have to play and each carries out the duties they accept.

One of the most costly interventions currently undertaken by the SAPS is the registration of firearms. Yet the SAPS produce no report as to costs, value to crime prevention or prosecution of this administrative function. The hard-pressed taxpayer is being deliberately left in the dark and citizens simply have no hope of knowing if this costly intervention serves some useful purpose or if it is cost efficient.

Read the rest on Richmark Sentinel.

2 September 2009 : Ratification proposal for the Firearms Control Act

Ratification proposal for the FCA of 2000.

31 August 2009 : Compensation to be paid, Minister to work out details

Gun Owners SA (GOSA) takes great pleasure in celebrating with all law-abiding and democracy loving South Africans the landslide court victory of the Justice Alliance of South Africa and The False Bay Gun Club over the State in the Cape High Court this morning.

Deputy Judge President Traverso gave the State 90 days to produce a plan setting out how they plan to pay compensation for approximately a million firearms surrendered to the SAPS.

The focus will now shift to the tricky subject of fixing a just value for this compensation.

This, people, is a major victory, brought to you by GOSA (Specifically, Charl van Wyk), JASA and FBGC.

31 June 2009 : Criminals LIE!

From Hecate's Crossroad:

Before she died, Butz talked to a neighbor, Albert Barrientes, saying of the attacker: "He told us if we did what he asked us to do, he wouldn't hurt us. He lied, he lied."

Go read the rest of it.

29 June 2009 : SAPS Directive

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. Thanks to a GOSA member who found and scanned it. What are you doing?

Also available in PDF.

25 June 2009 : Court rules gun licenses valid until act tested

Victory to SA Hunters.

24 June 2009 : What is wrong with the FCA?

What is wrong with the FCA?

8 June 2009: SA Hunt applies for urgent interdict against FCA

Read the court papers and support SA Hunt.


One of the main provisos of the Act - the compensation provisions which the state law advisors insisted upon, to give this Act the appearance of passing constitutional muster - has never been brought into operation. The Justice Alliance of SA is hauling the CFR before the Court on August 31 to bring the compensation provisions into operation.
Read the whole thing.

7 May 2009 : Cost and effectiveness of the Firearms Control Act (FCA 2000)

Our Firearms Control Act was budgeted at 2.18 billion rands. And it was based on the Canadian gun registry.

If you read the Breitkreuz article below, you'll see that the Canadian registry exceeded the budget by, oh, a factor of 300 or so. That would be 30 000 %, stratospheric, Zimbabwean-inflation-order-of-magnitude, however you want to explain it, it's ugly.

There's a very good chance that our Firearms Control Act is also, let's say, a little over budget, like its Canadian counterpart. Oh, and of course, it hasn't really succeeded in the goal set out in the opening paragraph of the Act, namely "reducing crime", has it?

Or as Brett Nortje so eloquently phrased it

As jy moerig is omdat die ouditeur generaal nog nooit 'n oudit gedoen het op die VuurwapenbeheerWet wat die afgelope 10 jaar al 'geimplementeer' word, met hernuwings wat drie jaar agterstallig is en daar nog nie 'n sent se vergoeding uitbetaal is vir vuurwapens wat ingehandig is nie, bel hom, vra hom wat gaan aan.
Office of the Auditor General

Mail: PO Box 446, PRETORIA, 0001
Street: Auditor-General Building, 300 Middle Street, New Mucleneuk, PRETORIA
Tel: (012) 426 8000

Fax: (012) 426 8257

Mr Terrence Nombembe
Tel: (012) 426 8401 / 8409
Fax: (012) 426 8257

April 2009 : Gary Breitkreuz trying to scrap the Canadian Long Gun Registry

Gary Breitkreuz introduced a bill to scrap the expensive, useless Canadian gun registry.

When the gun registry was first introduced in 1995, the previous government promised it would cost approximately $2 million to taxpayers to implement over five years. In her 2002 audit, however, the Auditor General of Canada reported that the program's costs had skyrocketed to more than $600 million and moreover, due to a lack of solid financial information, that is, the government was hiding costs, she believed this figure did not fairly represent the true costs of the program.
Read the whole speech here.

14 April 2009 : An anti-gunner's position

Kevin over at The Smallest Minorty found an anti prepared to debate the gun issue with him. The anti came up with the following perfect cameo before he succumbed to mental exhausion :

The difference in this debate is that I have been arguing on the basis of what I believe to be true, and doing my best to explain why I believe it. Kevin, by way of contrast, claims to be able to literally ‘prove’ his case beyond any doubt whatsoever by recourse to detailed statistical data.
Yes. That's pretty much what we've been saying all along.

1 April 2009 : Press Release

Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) note with dismay the chaos and dysfunction in the SAPS as it goes through the dishonourable motions of trying to cover up the failed implementation of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.

Click here for the complete Press Release.

Also, a Press Release from the Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa, Gun Licence Renewal Deadline a Fiasco.


29 March 2009 : "Comply because at the end of the day because you, as an individual in South Africa, are going to suffer..." -- Jaco Bothma, head of CFR, on Carte Blanche


18 March 2009 : "8000 SAPS firearms lost"


Police firearms stolen, lost, recovered and unaccounted for :

    2006/7      2007/8      2008/9      Total   
Stolen5932503291 172
Lost1 6351911832 009
Unaccounted for1 6281 4841 9955 107
    7 396

Yes, that's right, 7 396 police firearms entered the criminal pool in the last three years. Not only are the criminals better armed than we are, but we're paying for those firearms with our tax money.

17 March 2009 Edited table below to include firearms handed in for destruction.  

16 March 2009 : From a Freedom Front press release

Firearm licence renewal figures from the CFR, via questions in Parliament.

Apps Received0126 404215 931259 393263 58315 825
Licences Granted04 08948 159125 248133 5607 641
Apps Rejected02 8655 66911 2583 250254
Apps On Appeal002616251081
Fully Processed06 95453 828136 506136 8107 895

To recap:

Individuals licenced under the old law2 000 000 (est)
Firearms licenced under the old law4 000 000 (est)
Applications for renewal of licences881 136 22%
Applications received but not yet finalised538 36461%
Firearms handed in for destruction600 000 (est)
Firearms which will become illegal on 30 June 2009about 2.5 MILLION.
Applications for competency604 928 30%
Refusenik rate (people who are choosing NOT to relicence)1 400 00070%

So firstly, they're at the moment processing applications received half-way through 2007, running about two years late on a a four year renewal process. This is atrocious.

Secondly, looks like the jails will be somewhat crowded when 2.4 million otherwise law-abiding citizens are locked up later this year.

13 March 2009 : Marko nails it again

If you think that guns shouldn’t be in private hands "because the police will protect you", you do believe in using a gun to defend your life. You’re just outsourcing the job to a cop, that’s all. (link)

And if your counter-argument is that the police are more responsible / better trained / the right people to have guns, they lost 2 500 guns again last year.

9 March 2009 : GOSA member drives off goblins

On Sunday, a Gauteng member had some uninvited visitors.

By being armed AND by being able to see the attackers preparing to assault
the house on CCTV we managed to thwart the attack drive off the attackers
(one bleeding profusely). This fellow left behind his good condition CZ75
9mmP in his haste to escape.

Were it not for our firearms (and the skills and determination to use them)
we would have been reduced to being trapped in our bedroom at the mercy of
the merciless!
Security Camera Footage (8 megabyte WMV)

3 March 2009 : Sanlam cancels hunting trip

Sanlam cancelled a planned hunting expedition after receiving complaints from animal rights organisations.

Perhaps you should be complaining to Sanlam about them pandering to a vocal minority.

(021) 947-9111
Postal address:
Sanlam Complaints,
P.O. Box 1, Sanlamhof, 7532
Fax: 021 947 9440

22 January 2009 : The deadline approaches

If you were born in October, November, or December, you need to apply for the renewal of your firearm licences before the end of March.

If you decide to hand in your firearms, claim compensation. JASA is taking the state to court on this matter, and things are set to become interesting.

According to the law, existing (old) licences are valid until June 2009. According to some interpretations of the Constitution, old licences were granted for life and cannot be revoked. Make your choice wisely, and stick to your guns!

31 October 2008 : Interview on SAFM with Joseph Dube and Martin Hood

Download 3.4 meg mp3 file here (thanks to Peter Moss).

From YouTube:

17 October 2008 : Firearms Compensation Case - Cape Town High Court

From JASA news :

Papers have been filed in which JASA claims several declarations on the basis of breaches of the Constitution by the Minister of Safety and Security and the Commissioner of Police. The Respondents should have filed their defence by Sep 30th but have asked for an extension to Oct 27th. They are taking some technical points which suggests they are short of any meritorious defence!

All it needs for us to win this one is money. Donations to bank account below, please.


JASA has filed papers in the Cape High Court seeking declarations that the refusal to pay compensation to persons who surrender firearms as required by the Firearms Control Act, 2000 offends against the Constitution.

A court case will cost money. This is your chance to support something that in the end can only benefit you as a gun owner.

Deposits to be made to: 

Grant Gunston Attorneys Trust Account 
ABSA Bank Acc No: 4054263373 
Branch Code: 505309
Ref GHW 2389
Please be sure to use the above reference when you make your payment AND to email JASA at jasalaw at so that your contribution is properly recorded.

Enquiries: John Smyth QC, 083 653 8804

Pretoria News : 30 July 2008 : Court broadsides firearms licence board

A Pretoria high court acting judge on Tuesday had harsh words for the police and the Firearms Licence Appeal Board for the manner in which they handled the application for firearm licences by an antique firearms collector.

Acting Judge Piet Ebersohn said there was a "lack of competency" by both the police and the Appeal Board in this regard.

Ebersohn severely criticised members of the board for not having sufficient knowledge of firearms.

"None of them have any specific knowledge of firearms except that, which they gained in criminal cases," Ebersohn said.

He said presiding officers in criminal cases where firearms are involved merely hear evidence relating to the firearm and don't gain experience in firearms or the collection thereof.

Ebersohn said the chairman of the Appeal Board admitted that he was not a firearm expert.

"When you sit as a member of an appeal board considering applications by serious and registered (firearm) collectors to enhance their collections, you at least have to be an expert yourself in that field in order to do justice to the applications you consider," he said.

Ebersohn yesterday ordered the Appeal Board to "immediately issue" four firearm licences to collector George Black.

Black turned to court in desperation after he was refused licences for the four firearms he wanted to add to his collection.

Black's collection initially consisted of 62 firearms, some of which date back from the First World War to the Boer War.

Ebersohn said it was clear that Black's collection was structured scientifically and logically, and was sophisticated, and that he had valid licences for all the firearms.

Black applied for licences for five more firearms - three Luger pistols, one BRNO pistol and a military Mauser rifle. The Commissioner of Police refused licences for all five weapons on a standard refusal letter.

The commissioner found the weapons "did not fit into the theme of collection".

Ebersohn said the conduct of the official who declined the application, Director Jaco Botha, "made a mockery of the process of registering as a collector and registering specific themes".

"One gets the unfortunate impression that the third respondent (chairman) merely rubber stamped the refusals," Ebersohn said.

He ordered that Black be issued with licences. (Scanned article)

Submissions by 2008-07-31 : Disbanding of Scorpions

The government remains determined to force the legislation to disestablish the Scorpions through Parliament, despite your good efforts to be heard. Parliament has today published a public notice indicating they require public submissions regarding the proposed legislation to be received by latest 12:00 on the 28th of July.

We have contacted the opposition parties and they are prepared to accept your letters by fax and email and submit it on your behalf to the chairs of the parliamentary portfolio committees.

I urge all of you to write a letter today stating why you believe this will be the wrong move and that it will seriously affect your safety and the functioning of law enforcement and prosecution in South Africa. The letter does not have to be long, just specific and to the point. There is no set format. A submission can be a simple letter of support or opposition, or it can be a longer document with suggestions for changes. The important thing is to say what you want to say clearly. The following tips may help you when preparing your submission or petition:

Usually, the shorter and simpler the better. If your document is long, write a summary. Your summary should briefly outline your main points and recommendations. If you are making the submission as an individual, explain why you want to comment on the legislation. If you are making the submission as an organisation, describe the organisation: Who are its members? Why are they concerned about this amendment? Does the organisation have special expertise or experience in this issue? Explain your point of view. Say whether you want to support or oppose the matter. If you want to suggest changes, explain what they are. Use the language you feel most comfortable with.

The letter should be addressed to any of the following persons:

Mr V Ramaano or Ms P Sibisi or Mr J Michaels. Committee secretaries of the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development and Portfolio committee on Safety and Security 3rd Floor 90 Plein Street Cape Town 8000.

Make sure you clearly indicate your name and address.

If you wish to make a verbal presentation please indicate this in the letter and which province you wish to do this in. (Public hearings in the provinces will be heard from the 11th to the 15th of August)

Or submit to your political representative: To make it easier for here are the the opposition parties who have agreed to accept your letter by fax or email and deliver them on your behalf to the Portfolio committees. Please decide which party you wish to trust in getting your submission in front of the portfolio committee.

ACDP Fax: (021) 461 9690 E-mail: or

IFP Fax 021 461 9317 E-mail: Attn: Mr van De Merwe

Independent Democrats. Fax: 021 403 2350 E-mail: Attn Steve.

UDM Fax: 021 403 2525 E-mail: Attn: Mr Madikiza

DA Fax: 086 620 6329 E-mail: Attn: Regan.

2008-07-04 : How Anthony Altbeker got it wrong -- Understanding the failure of crime prevention. A paper by Eric Pelser.

2008-06-25 : From Marko's blog

MarkHB Says:
June 25, 2008 at 4:19 pm

I live in a gun-banned country, the UK. I noticed an article in the news about a young girl who’d been kicked to death by a bunch of youths for being a goth. Her boyfriend was also severely beaten. Occasionally, a week goes past without a stabbing making the news - but there are so many, not all stabbings make the news.

Roll that one ’round your cranial vault a few times - there are so many stabbings in the UK, that they aren’t considered newsworthy enough, unless it’s a celebrity - some actor in the Harry Potter movies was stabbed to death at a nightclub, and that made the news. A couple of weeks prior, a guy was stabbed to death at a club about seven minutes walk from my front door, and that barely made the local papers.

This is gun control.

There are usually two shootings a month here. Of course, if ever anyone does defend themselves, they’re sent down for it - one ex-serviceman who made “a citizen’s arrest” of a youth who’d been throwing bricks at his house got to spend three months defending himsef against charges of kidnapping while the vandal got off scott-free.

This is gun control.

There’s talk of installing “knife arches” (that’s “metal detectors” to the corticate) in all schools and indeed pubs to prevent people from carrying knives. It’s illegal to carry a knife in public without “a good reason” as far as the arresting officer’s concerned. Parents are buying armoured blazers (school jackets) for their young.

This is gun control.

It’s even illegal to wear the traditional flat-cap into the pub in Yorkshire, because they interfere with the closed-circuit television cameras’ ability to see your face. The home secretary advises not going out after midnight. People are not safe in their towns, their homes or their person - and are bereft of any legal way to defend themselves.

This is gun control.

Gun control leads to the dominance of the brutish, the lawless, and the vicious many. Gun control leads to totalitarian laws restricting and confining law-abiding citizens in an ineffectual and ham-fisted attempt to “make us all safe”. Gun control leads to the delusion that things can be made safe by tougher legal penalties, and by banning items rather than punishing actions.

This is gun control. I’m living it’s reality. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy.

May 20, 2008 : Statement by the South African Institute of Race Relations on causal factors behind the violent unrest in and around Johannesburg - 20th May 2008

Failure to maintain the rule of law

The government’s repeated failures to bring levels of violent crime under control contributed to an environment which saw people resort to violence without fear of arrest or successful prosecution. In failing to maintain the rule of law the state had conditioned many poor communities to violent behaviour. The failure to protect communities from criminal elements and to remove those elements had allowed criminals to take full advantage of chaos and disorder to rob, rape, and loot during the violent uprisings.

Incompetence in the ministry of safety and security, falling standards in the South African Police Service, corruption up to the highest levels of the police, and affirmative action had eroded the capacity of the police to provide a safe and secure environment in South Africa. [...]

Warnings to this effect from a variety of sources had been largely ignored or treated with arrogance and contempt from the office of the minister of safety and security downwards. That not a single minister or deputy minister responsible for law and order, justice, or prisons was dismissed over close on ten years of Thabo Mbeki’s presidency suggests that the government was either unable to identify the risks presented by lawlessness or had resigned itself to the consequences.

May 24, 2008 : The Metropolitan Shooting Association annual game festival is on at the Parow North Athletic Club. It starts at 19:00 and cost is R100. Contact Thomas Eastes for more information.

April 29, 2008 : Firearm Registry chaos.

April 8, 2008 : SA Crime Statistics 2001 to 2006 in PDF.

March 9, 2008 : Martin Hedington (GOSA Gauteng Regional Advocacy Director) was interviewed on SAFM, talking about Richard Wesson's book Conditioned Victim, which is published by Martin. Download the (3.4M) transcript here (Thanks to Peter Moss). If your firewall doesn't allow downloading mp3 files, try the zip.

December 14, 2007 : The SAPS is still supplying the criminals with firearms confiscated from law-abiding citizens. Viva Fireams Control Act, Viva!

December 11, 2007 :

So I hear that somewhere in the U.S. of A., a guy walked into a mall
and offed eight people before eating his gun.  Somewhere else, a guy
shot some folks in a church, and then got center-punched by a member
of the congregation at church #2 before making it more than fifty
feet into the building.  Hmmm....I wonder if there's a lesson there

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: the only thing that will
stop an armed attacker on the spot is a person with a gun of their own.
Gun haters realize this as well, which is why they rarely ever suggest
disarming the police.  They, too, rely on the gun to protect themselves
from harm--they just feel all high and mighty because they outsource the

The number of casualties at the site of an attempted mass shooting is
usually determined by whether the gun used to stop the killer is already
at the site, or whether it must be carried there in the holster of a
police officer. -- Marko Kloos.

November 2007 : Please comment on the latest draft of the Firearm Control Regulations.

October 18, 2007 :

Is it the bodyguards around you
Is it the high walls where you live
Or is it the men with the guns around you
Twenty four hours a day
That make you ignore the crying of the people
Farmers get killed everyday
And you say it is not that bad
Policemen get killed everyday
And you say it is not that bad
Maybe if you see it through the eyes
Of the victims
You will join us and fight this
Rest In Peace, Lucky Dube.

October 14, 2007 :Sure we believe you, Mr President. "I prepared myself psychologically to be raped and knew that I could access the AZT anti-HIV cocktail at one of the private hospitals nearby. Many women survive rape in this country."

August 2007 : GFSA website now online.

July 4, 2007 : GOSA Press Release : We told you so!

July 4, 2007 : According to the PMG, the Justice Department and various other government departments are currently engaged in a process of drafting implementations plans for a Victims Charter. This is an opportunity to give input.

  • Castle Doctrine : You should be within your rights to use lethal force against an intruder in your own home or on your property. Currently you have to prove that lethal force was necessary. This is wrong. It should be up to the state to prove that lethal force was not necessary.

July 3, 2007 : DA Press Release : Lack of SANDF Weapon Control a Disgrace.

June 1, 2007 : "It does not necessarily indicate a crisis if there has been 100% increase in one crime category." -- National Police Commissioner André Pruis.

May 29, 2007 : Ever wonder where the bad guys get guns and ammunition? 16 firearms "ordered" by criminals found in police custody. 40 000 rounds of ammunition also "disappeared" from the same storage facility.

May 21, 2007 :How Terrorists are stopped -- Joseph Farah mentions Charl van Wyk, GOSA national co-ordinator.

May 10, 2007 :The strange thing in South Africa is that when armed civilians defend themselves and their families, they are charged with murder. Yet, when a policeman shoots a criminal, no charges are laid.

April 17, 2007 : Press release : Virginia Tech, USA Shooting Rampage

April 16, 2007 : Randy Cassingham's Blog: Virginia Tech, Columbine and ZT

March 30, 2007 : The news programme on various radio stations are saying that licenced firearm owners born between April and June have to relicence by tomorrow or hand their firearms in for destruction. This is a lie spread by a press release from the victim disarmament guys.

All licences remain valid until June 2009! And even then, the state owes you compensation. So hold on to your firearms!

March 2, 2007 : If you are in the unfortunate situation of having your firearm stolen, this article from the Cape Times will come in handy. Quote : "Sinyangana said a report on Daniels' missing firearm would be circulated so police could be on the look-out for it. He said Daniels would not be charged with negligence because he was a victim of crime". Note : Ganief Daniels is the Western Cape Deputy Police Commisioner, and he was carrying a firearm in his briefcase along with R 9000 cash when it was stolen.

January 16, 2007 : The first draft of the proposed Amendments to the Firearm Control Regulations of 2004 has been released.

January 11, 2007 : If someone wearing a balaclava points a gun at you and beats you with a chair, it's probably the police. Shocking, but true.

January 10, 2007 : Gun Laws and Sudden Death -- did the Australian gun ban of 1996 make any difference?

January 2, 2007 : Family murders always seem to happen around Christmas. This year was, unfortunately, no exception. As always, it seems that our police service heads the list, as the following articles illustrate :

Remember, the SAPS are the people who are supposed to protect us! (Yea, right). It is also of key importance to also note that the Firearm Control Act of 2000 does not apply to the SAPS.

December 31, 2006 : State losing legitimacy as it fails to protect -- Sunday Times.

November 30, 2006 : The Firearms Control Amendment Bill has been published in the Government Gazette.

B12C-2006 is the Portfolio Committee amendments.
B12D-2006 is the main document.


"We have also discovered that the Central Firearms Registry (CFR) has also contributed to the problems in their failure to effectively implement the provisions of the Firearms Control Act and the regulations promulgated under the Act."

October 30, 2006 : On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs.

September 21, 2006 : If you carry a firearm with you for self-defence, you need to take a look at GUNSURE which is aimed at providing legal help to keep you out of jail after you were forced to shoot someone. It has other benefits too.

September 12, 2006 : We hear that the President has signed the Firearms Control Amendment Bill. If you have one of those recently de-regulated muzzle-loaders, you now need a competency certificate for it. If it's a cap and ball revolver, you now need a licence. Some sanity prevailed, and you don't need a permit for your silencer as was proposed in the drafts.

The main reason for having an Amendment Bill in the first place, namely that three quarters of legal firearm owners have so far decided not to renew their licences, has not been addressed at all. (The first draft made provisions to scrap relicencing, subsequent revisions dropped that idea like a hot potato -- strange, since it's actually the relicencing that's the hot potato). Come May 2010, the number of licenced firearms in the country will drop to one quarter. The number of unlicenced firearms will go up by around two and a half million or so. This will most likely be seen as a victory of some sort.

August 25, 2006 : Massmart has released a statement showing that violent crime is up 20% this year.

August 24, 2006 : The Democratic Alliance has launched the Victims of Crime website.

"The DA believes that the state should be a caring institution that puts ordinary people, their issues and their concerns at the very top of its agenda. Under the ANC government, however, the state is a ‘cold’ institution, uncaring and unsympathetic to the experiences of people on the ground."

August 17, 2006 : CAPE TOWN - The CRIME EXPO SOUTH AFRICA website is now 100% functional. Please support Neil Watson in his fight against crime.

August 2, 2006 : Apparently South African roads are not dangerous enough to warrant carrying a firearm.

25 Mei 2006 : Persverklaring deur Thomas Eastes, WESA : Kanadese besin oor duur en onpraktiese wapen wetgewing.

April 2006 : Our online shop is open for business.

April 2006 : You can now join GOSA online using your VISA or MasterCard.

March 2006 : Join our Online Forum where you will find newspaper articles, letters by GOSA members, educational articles, and other writings.

February 2006 : A large number of Pieter van Wyk's submissions on the Firearm Act have been scanned and placed online.

December 2005 : An Introduction to Gun Owners of South Africa by Charl van Wyk, our National Co-ordinator.

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