Another GOSA Success

09 January 2015

GOSA has achieved a noteworthy victory for licenced firearm owners around the country. 

 As of 20 March 2017, the proposed "Amnesty" is off the table. While at face value the amnesty seems a great idea to remove illegal firearms from circulation, the reality is that SAPS were indeed using this as an opportunity to deprive us of our rights. Under the proposed amnesty, those with expired white licence cards would have been able to surrender their firearms without penalty. Really? We don't think so! 

The state does not have the right to deprive you of your firearm and moreso without compensation. The state does not have the right to call for licenced firearm owners to hand in their weapons due to an administrative issue. That has always been the GOSA position. 

We are pleased to report that the Amnesty has been cancelled and will be redrafted - once the white card expiry issue has been properly, transparently and legally dealt with. 

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