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11 August 2017

The team at GOSA are ALL volunteers. That's right, no salaries. Volunteers dragged (often kickin and screaming) from the throngs of those who believe
in responsible firearm ownership to represent YOUR needs. Chosen for their trade, sport or industry perspective and often for their day to day specialities
these people work tirelessly to keep GOSA moving forward as we gain momentum and achieve our mandate.

Paul Oxley

Hi, I'm Paul. I was an original founder of SAGA back in the mid-80s. When the SAGA provincial structures were disbanded and the organisation retreated into a trust I, and many others, looked for a new home for gun rights. For years we fought in the media trenches via 'letters to the Editor', first under the leadership of Alex Holmes, and then via SA Legal Gun Owners, and finally Gunowners SA, but we left the membership issue to SAGA (they were already established whereas we had no rigid structure, and we didn't want to divide the gun owning community... finally, there was great hope that SAGA would resuscitate themselves). Eventually it became obvious that SAGA was never going to come to the fight in any real way, and we were forced to pick up the slack.

I had somehow allowed myself to become the leader of this band of diehard rebels a few years before, and when we established our Steering Committee in 2015 I was (s)elected as Chairman.

I have been a gun owner since I sold my old bike in school and bought my first handgun to shoot IPSC/Combat Shooting with. I am a regular but infrequent hunter and a devoted sport-shooter, shooting two clubshoots a week most times.

After the barn-storming success of the entire Firearms Community in Parliament in 2015 we started building our membership base, starting with our first paid memberships in 2016 only. Look at us now.





Bryan Mennie

 Bryan is a risk management specialist who for the past ten years has managed the incident response and management program for a global IT role-player. Prior to that he served as a police officer in the South African Police Service and then a protection specialist in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

He is a firm believer in not only the right and means to self-defense but the intrinsic freedoms that firearms in civilians hands represent.














Wouter De Waal


Wouter's been fascinated by firearms since primary school.

He bought his first firearm in 1993 and he's been steadily adding to his collection ever since. As a dedicated sport shooter, dedicated hunter and dedicated collector, he understands that we must all stand together for the common cause -- GOSA does not throw anyone under the bus.

Wouter's been serving on the GOSA Exco since 2005 and brings his full 25 years' shooting and activism experience to the table.



Gideon Joubert

Gideon has been informally involved with GOSA since 2013, and subsequently became part of the organisation. He sees firearm rights as a fundamental part of civil rights in general, and that the protection thereof is vitally important in any free and democratic society. Professionally he works as an airline pilot for a South African low-cost carrier, and he is currently completing his post-graduate degree in economics. He is also the owner and editor of, a firearm rights blog, and has a love-hate relationship with Heckler & Koch. He is currently located in Cape Town.


Aziza De Villiers

Aziza is a firearms dealer and a long-time pin shooter. She became involved with the firearm rights movement a few years ago and has been an invaluable asset to it ever since, having assisted with the organising and execution of several GOSA HuntEx exhibits, meetings between dealers and SAPS, and always being available with helpful advice and assistance.

Aziza represents the ever-growing group of young women who firmly believe in their right to defending themselves and their loved ones, and that healthy firearm rights are fundamental to achieving this aim. 











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  • Deon Smit Deon Smit Friday, 11 August 2017

    I had a legal firearm license as well as competency certificate but have expired in 2016.
    Can I just renew these or do I have to do the full competency tests again?

  • France France Friday, 11 August 2017

    Confused gun free association is leaving in a different space in South Africa. At the moment our life are ruled by Aliens from outside our borders Police are trace them because there are no records in our country data base. There can do as they which now we are not allowed to defend our life we must relia to our out number Cops. Thanks to you guys for fighting on out behalf and stopping this stupid ideas .

  • Eddie Marx Eddie Marx Friday, 11 August 2017

    good day i have a section 102 against me it has been a month and they said there would be a hearing no evidence or witnesses in my case what can i do to get my firearms back do i just wait
    my name is Eddie Marx cell 0760379986 please advice

  • Johan Uys Johan Uys Friday, 11 August 2017

    The latest edition of On Target Africa's edition (June 2018) has an excellent article by Jonathan Deal where-in he pleads for a united body for all weapon owners in South Africa.
    A similar challenge is raised by SAAADA News in the same edition.
    How can GASA assist in this regard?
    Johan Uys
    Mossel Bay

  • Peter Moss Peter Moss Friday, 11 August 2017

    How sad it is to see so few of the stalwarts that put GOSA on the map remain and how little of the original desire to win at all costs has remained. Fallen by the wayside or ignored for being to radical and challenging those who preferred to surrender. Indeed those who gave up on members and joined the populist collaboration movement started by a completely idiotic SAGA idea. An idea so unthinkable it was the reason for GOSA's formation and existence. In all instances this collaboration movement has been headed by legal teams who lack any understanding of reality outside of a court room. Suffering from a false belief hat the law is superior and even government will succumb to good legal argument. History has no meaning to such beliefs in which governments total control of the courts as the paymaster, employee and appointee has proven time and again you cannot fight government in the courts. GFSA for example does not waste one cent on instituting courts cases to get laws changed. However GFSA will join the legal process to ensure its work is not undone or wasted.

    What GOSA should be doing and the job it gave up on is representing the voice of the public that seeks to protect their lives and safety with the best means possible. GOSA should be countering gun control at every attempt to gain public support because it is public support that gives GFSA is legitimacy and power, not membership numbers. Not only countering gun control but educating the public into the danger and truth of acceptance of gun control. Neither GFSA or government has the right to deliberately endanger the public and there should be public outrage that anyone should try. It is firearm organisations fault we are in the predicament we are today as none of them are in the vaguest interested in the public safety. and seek only to control shooting sports or members shooting interests. Anything else is of no consequence and gun control can be tolerated as long as members can shoot. In fact these organisations do not seek conflict with a =government intent on the destruction of firearm ownership. Instead they seek to collaborate. Some even in the mind boggling notion doing so will increase membership.

    The end result is the public are informed only by gun control and government. There is absolutely no balancing voice from firearm organisations and because they do not know any better their organisations having failed to organise opposition firearm owners are equally ignorant.

    Which brings us to the least understood principle of legislation. Government cannot just pass the laws it likes as these laws must be subjected to public scrutiny and ACCEPTANCE. A government wishing to remain in power cannot pass laws which will make it hugely unpopular. GFSA and government use this to great effect by popularising such laws, giving them credibility and justification. This simple principle is the key to success. Do not allow gun control to dominate the media as the media is the public education path.

    Yes it's proven rocket science to firearm organisation officials and legal practitioners. Can the public understand that gun control represents a danger to them? Is it hard to find examples of the failure of gun control which always results in the death, injury and victimisation of the public. Is iit difficult to write a letter warning outers of this danger? Is it difficult to pick up a phone and make a call to friends, newspapers...... Is it difficult to write a blog or post a notice on social media? Can anyone protect their future safety by doing this. Would you? Because I promise GOSA cannot and will not do it for you and therefore should be helping YOU to do it for yourself.

  • Riaan Schutte Riaan Schutte Friday, 11 August 2017

    Proud and thankful to every single GOSA member, amazing to know our rights are being fought for!!!!!

  • Ilse Viljoen Ilse Viljoen Friday, 11 August 2017

    My man sukkel om sy vuurwapen lisensie tekry. Hy het examen geskryf en hy het dit geslaag, maar nou wag hy nog om te hoor van hulle vir die lisensie.

    Ek wil weet wanneer ek my vuurwapen lisensie moet hernu, moet ek ook al die eksamens doen wat my man gedoen het, of kan ek maar net gaan om die lisenie te hernu. Ek weet die polisie het gesê my lisensie is nog gelig al het dit verval, maar is maar nog versigtig en bang dag ek in moeilikheid gaan kom.

    Kan iemand my asb laat weet of ek nog veilig is of nie?
    Baie dankie vir julle hulp.
    Vriendelike groete
    Ilse Viljoen

  • Cecile Raubenheimer Cecile Raubenheimer Friday, 11 August 2017

    Good afternoon

    Both my husband and myself had legal firearm licenses as well as competency certificates. these have expired in 2014.
    Can we just renew these or do we have to do the full competency tests again?
    Kind regards,

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