GOSA is headed to the Constitutional Court - and we need YOUR help

05 February 2018
In order to fill what we felt was a possible gap in the arguments of the other parties to the ConCourt hearing on relicensing, GOSA decided we had to step in or face the risk of major issues being settled without a proper base of factual evidence. We have retained EXCELLENT Senior Counsel, and have applied to the ConCourt for admission as amicus curiae (a friend of the court). Our aim is to facilitate two things:

1) To offer to the court a 'solution' to the predicament they face with the relicensing issue they are faced with. In our view the entire relicensing issue is irrational in that it makes the FCA unworkable and is thus contra the Objectives of the Act, and thus it stands to be removed in toto from the Act, and

2) GFSA entered the case on the 10th of January and they have chucked everything including the kitchen sink into their submission. If they are not countered effectively we run the risk that their submissions will be seen to be accepted by the ConCourt and are thus res judicata... they cannot be challenged thereafter. GOSA has the information and the instinct to go for their jugular here... and hopefully have them removed from the field of play entirely.

But... this costs money! We estimate that we will need R350 000 for this fight. Please help.

You can either pay into our legal fund via PayPal using the reference of "name+legal", or, to make a larger donation contact admin@gunownerssa.org where Antoinnette will assist further.

Should you wish to make a donation via EFT, please use our Nedbank Account

Gun Owners SA Nedbank Branch Stellenbosch Branch Code 107110 or 198765 Account Number 2008673626 Account Type Savings Deposit Reference Surname/LEGAL
Paul Oxley

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Brian Laaks Brian Laaks Monday, 05 February 2018

    I would just like to send my motivation letter for my LM5, as I think that this is a valid point in the cause to have such weapons?
    I sent this on to Martin Hood in 2007 and at the time he thought that this could help the cause, to date nothing seems to work.
    Please comment on this please.
    Brian Laaks
    f) LM5 (223) – the sole purpose of this weapon shall be for self protection on our yacht when sailing off shore. In the near future I shall be sailing around the world and as piracy is rife and is on the increase is recommended by the RYCA to all yachtsmen that sail in certain waters around the world. I have included my yachts registration papers as well as my yacht masters license. This weapon is vital to the safety of a yacht and in fact is the lesser weapon when confronted by pirates these days. Pirates are well armed and do not leave a yacht or persons on a yacht alive or afloat after been attacked. It is highly recommended that at least two weapons to be carried by any yacht that leaves on a circumnavigation.

  • Paul Paul Monday, 05 February 2018

    So old Willie... I guess the butthurt is real with you. Since GOSA is the only party, so far, that can claim a positive result from the ConCourt case.

    We ensured that the ConCourt cannot take a broad stance on the issue of relicensing, thus leaving the way open for our full strategy which we are busy prosecuting as we speak. And we successfully constrained GFSA, who were SO jumpy and gunshy in court that they threw it all away on the stand.

  • Willie Laing Willie Laing Monday, 05 February 2018


    What is the money for? The abortive attempt to join another court case or GOSA's own court case? We all know that GOSA was fast asleep and missed the submission date.

  • Ashley Marks Ashley Marks Monday, 05 February 2018

    just done the eft , thanks for all the hard work

  • Jonathan van der Walt Jonathan van der Walt Monday, 05 February 2018

    R500 done and dusted for the cause!

  • Alan Alan Monday, 05 February 2018

    I'm in Paul. At the end of this month, I pledge R500.00 towards your goal from myself and will get my company to throw into the pot as well... Now where are the rest of you shooters? For the price of a meal out, we can win this!!!

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